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Some brief thoughts on judging

As anyone who knows me at all, knows very well (and often to their chagrin) I love to judge. Among other things, I judge shoes and grammar, dietary choices and punctuality (I see many of you nodding in agreement).  Mother Teresa I am not.

However, I am not too good at judging culture.  I tend to just know that I liked something, or I didn’t, and the reason for that is well, inexplicable.  I am not one to fear derision, so I have to assume either I am too lazy or insufficiently thoughtful to have fully understood the reasons behind my value judgement.

And I do sit in fora where such judgement would normally be expected.  I am a member of two book clubs.  But luckily, they both let me get away with this approach for two very different reasons.  The first book club isn’t really a book club at all – it is a group of friends, who read the same book (usually) and get together regularly to talk about everything but the book.  The other one focuses on scoring a series of attributes, such as plot and characterization (a far easier task) and less on demanding descriptions of why you happen to feel that way.

So this project is a bit of an anomaly for me.  Because it demands that I judge culture, and do so publicly. It also demands that I think about the book while I am reading it.  This has changed my reading behaviors a little.  I normally fly through books, squeezing them in between other activities.  But I now have to take a leaf out of William Henry Davies’ book and take some time to ‘stand and stare’.  This does not come naturally to me.  And it means I read much more slowly, which is unfortunate, given quite how much reading I have to do in a very short space of time.

This is in no way an apology for not meeting my reading deadlines.  I am, in fact, ahead.  It is simply what I am thinking about the project today. As many of you will also know, I don’t have much of a verbal filter, so thought I should share this.


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