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The next adventure: you decide

Remember those ‘pick your own adventure’ stories? “If you want Daisy to go into the forest, turn to page 21” and the like?

Well this is kind of like that.  A little. Like those lazy (okay, creative) authors, I want you to decide what happens next.  I’m tired. So should I read:

  • Something long (the Yips) or short (the Lighthouse)?
  • Something I expect to like (The Garden of Evening Mists) or not like so much (The Teleportation Accident)?
  • Something from an author I know and like (Skios) or don’t know at all (Narcopolis)?

It is all up to you.

To help you decide, here’s the link to the Long List:

The smallprint: some books haven’t been published yet, which makes them a little hard to read.  Some books have not been delivered (who would have thought they wouldn’t be on the Kindle?) so ditto.  They have been excluded from this poll for, well, those reasons.











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An avid reader, but I tend to stick to what I know I am comfortable with. Trying to break out of the comfort zone...

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