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Never take more than two days off in a row…

I love rules.  I am  a classic, type-A rule-abider.

And as if the rules that already exist in life aren’t sufficient, I make a whole bunch up for myself.  One of those is, if you are supposed to be doing something, never take more than two days off in a row.

This applies to anything you are supposed to be doing regularly: exercising, eating vegetables, getting eight hours sleep etc. For me it also applies to this project, and blogging.

And this weekend I was in severe danger of breaking that rule.  And that Just. Can’t. Happen.

But I also thought that you might be a bit sick of me by now.  You might be asking yourself (correctly): who is Kate to judge these books?  What does she know anyway?  Does she in any way represent the broad spectrum of other reviewers out there?

So I thought I’d give you some links to what some other people were saying, to keep you busy over the weekend (while I am away) and so you don’t get horrendously bored with me.  Though, surprisingly, people aren’t saying as much as I expected!  Maybe most (sensible) people wait and only read the shortlist….

THE SMALL PRINT: For clarity I have tried to appeal to those with a variety of political persuasions, so no rude comments about the inclusion of The Telegraph…

The Telegraph:

The Guardian:




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