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I love to laugh, ha ha ha ha

Apparently, the average adult laughs fifteen times per day.  Most days I like to think I laugh more than that.  I openly laugh at (or maybe with) most people I know and a fair few I don’t. Occasionally I giggle on my own, at socially awkward moments, whilst mentally recounting some previous hilarious incident.  Good, live, stand up comedy can make me laugh until I look like I need hospitalization.  I have been known to laugh until I get the hiccups.

But I am not very good at finding less interactive entertainment truly funny.  Very rarely, I will laugh at television (okay, only really New Girl), films or the theatre. I don’t think I have ever laughed out loud at a book.

I could probably do a fairly good job at psychoanalyzing this element of my personality, but for the sake of both my sanity and yours, I will refrain.

Because I inevitably find them both boring and disappointing, I avoid books marketed as ‘funny’.  When I read a book, I want escapism, to enter the protagonists’ world, to live their life.  I don’t read to laugh.  I realise this may well be a chicken / egg situation – I don’t read books that are supposed to be funny because I have never found a book funny.  But I am just not sure I am mentally composed in the right way to laugh at a novel.

Unfortunately, my reading journey now takes me to The Yips, a 550 page ‘funny’ novel:

I am really not looking forward to reading this book and just getting started this evening will take all my will power. But maybe this will be the book that changes things. Will it challenge my preconceptions?  Will I look like one of those crazy people laughing aloud to myself on the tube?  Only time will tell.


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  1. I can’t believe you don’t laugh out loud while reading!


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