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Some brief thoughts on learning… a follow up to 3738 days, 83 pages

Right at the outset  of this project, I outlined the things that I thought, for me, made a good book.  To recap:

  1. They can’t be all doom and gloom
  2. Things need to happen
  3. They need to be quotable
  4. They have to be memorable

(Despite the lack of obvious segway, this next section is related…)

I was thinking about The Yips last night.  And how, even though it still hasn’t made me laugh out loud once (or even chuckle quietly to myself, in my head, as I am want to do) it has grown on me.  This was puzzling me.  I mean okay, it is not gloomy and stuff happens, but it is not particularly quotable or memorable.  Yet I am definitely warming to it.  And then the missing piece of the jigsaw came to me, good book rule number 5:

5. I learn something


I love a good random fact; if a big teaches me something I didn’t know, not only may that come in handy at pub quizzes or in dinner party conversation but it will mean the book lives on in my memory long after the narrative itself is forgotten.

The Yips is good for that.  Some examples to follow in the forthcoming Yips review (expected this weekend, if all goes to plan).


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  1. Type alert, I love a good random fact; if a big teaches me” do you mean book, not big?


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