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Oh the shame…

So, after the last blog I got a lot of kudos, from people I know and some I don’t.  And that was wonderful, and touching, and great for the ego.  But now I am going to blow it.

Fifty Shades is kind of addictive.

fifty shades

Okay, it is poorly written and kind of wrong and takes women’s  liberation back about 100 years…. but still I found myself wanting to come home, curl up and read it.

Because, awfully, you (or at least I – I won’t tar you with my brush) kind of want their crazy relationship to work.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be friends with the female protagonist if I met her in real life.  She is all talk and no trousers – mouthy where it doesn’t count and insipid (or worse) when it does.  And he is pretty one-dimensional: a human being made out of kinky sexual proclivities and some underlying damage. But I am a romantic.  And every woman I know has, at some point, fallen for the bad guy and desperately – against all the evidence – hoped that they can be the one to change them.  And let me tell you, a few of them have….

This novel is also strangely addictive because, what nobody tells you, is that it gives you a whole new language for ‘in’ jokes.  If you mention vanilla, or grey ties and someone sniggers, they have read it.  Riding crops too, though I find they come up less frequently in my conversations.

Now I am in a quandary   No, not an intellectual one.  Well, maybe a philosophical one.  Because I kind of want to read the others.  But luckily for you, dear reader, I am sticking with the rules.  Nobody has suggested the others (in fact, quite the opposite), so time to move on, to something more intellectually stimulating.


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