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Mostly a numbers game

Now, having thought about it, this project has certain clear advantages over the original book prize blog of last year.

Firstly, I would normally read many of these books anyway – I know I tend to like them.  In fact, whereas for the Booker Long List I had a fairly even split of “Greens” (would have read anyway) “Yellows” (may have read anyway) and “Reds” (would never read) this time over half the novels are green and a further six are yellow.

The Greens:

Flight Behaviour Barbara Kingsolver
Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
Honour Elif Shafak
Ignorance Michele Roberts
Life after Life Kate Atkinson
May we be Forgiven A M Homes
N-W Zadie Smith
The Forests Emily Perkins
The Light Between Oceans M. L. Stedman
The People of Forever are not Afraid Shani Boianjui
The Red Book Deborah Copaken Kogan

The Yellows:

A Trick I Learned from Dead Men Kitty Aldridge
How Should a Person Be? Sheila Heti
Lamb Bonnie Nadzam
Mateship with Birds Carrie Tiffany
The Innocents Francesca Segal
Where’d you go, Bernadette Maria Semple

The Reds:

Alif the Unseen G. Willow Wilson
The Marlowe Papers Ros Barber


Secondly, these books are much more accessible than the Man Booker novels and hence I should read them at a far greater pace;

Thirdly, I am now a more seasoned reader / blogger, so should have my skills down a little more; and

Finally, most of these books are accessible (or at least in print) which was a bit of a challenge at the start of the Long List.

But – and this is a big but – as you may remember, there were 12 books on the Man Booker Long List, and I had 83 days to read them all.


There are 20 books on the Women’s Prize Long List and I have 84 days (or 12 weeks) to read them.  Now, even if we exclude the one I have already read (Hilary Mantel’s Bring up the Bodies) it still means I have to up my pace considerably.  But hey, I like this kind of challenge, and am keen to get going.

As some of you may remember from last time, I like to start with a “Yellow” – not something I necessarily would have read anyway, but not something that depresses me too much to continue!  This time is no different.

Today I shall be beginning, “How Should a Person Be?” by Sheila Heti:

A book about feminism.  Gah.  Wish me luck.


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