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No better than average: Ignorance

This is going to be a relatively short post, full of indifference.  Because although there is nothing particularly wrong with Ignorance, there is nothing particularly right with it either.

Ignorance-650x999In my reading life, I have read a lot of Second World War fiction.  And for me, this was nowhere near as memorable as many other novels of this genre.  The characters were insufficiently well-rounded and were almost wholly portrayed as victims, the story didn’t go anywhere and I don’t feel like I learned anything new.  I am not saying it wasn’t well written, just that – I hope – being reasonably well written alone is not a sufficient reason to be nominated for a high-Ignprofile prize.

This isn’t an awful novel, but I wouldn’t say it was worth the time and effort either.  Within a few hours of ending it, it will merge seamlessly with the thousands of other Second World War victim novels and within weeks you will have forgotten about it entirely.  Surely, the winner of the Women’s Prize will be more innovative than this.



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