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The Problem with Phases

I am definitely a person who lives my life in phases.  As a child and teenager I would go through weeks wanting the same food every day.  Even today, I will listen to one band for days on end, or have one outfit I want to wear every weekend.  This applies to my reading too.

If I read a good book about, say, Afghanistan (see last post) I then want to read all the books about Afghanistan.  I find it hard to settle into a book on another subject as I just can’t care in quite the same way (sorry, ‘The Interestings’, it’s true – I struggled even to remember the title just now).


But that causes a problem when you blog about books.  Because I am just not sure, you, readers, want to read read a series of reviews of books about Afghanistan.  So I force myself to mix it up (though I did give up on The Interestings, because ironically, it wasn’t very…)

For your information, my reading list, in no particular order is currently:

– The Engagements: a novel about 1940’s America, advertising and diamonds

– The Goldfinch: the new Dona Tartt (ridiculously exciting, though it isn’t out yet) about a boy who loses his mother

– The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul: (oops, how did this slip in here), a novel about a coffee shop in…well… Afghanistan

– The Affairs of Others: a novel about loss, and rebuilding relationships, set in one apartment building

– Ghana Must Go: the story of a Ghanaian family, struggling to establish a life in America

– Wise Men: a novel about lawyers and race, set from the 1950s to the present day

Any suggestions for topics always welcome (although that doesn’t mean I will actually read them – see ref above – I have no difficulty dropping a book if it bores me.  Reading is a hobby, not a chore)


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An avid reader, but I tend to stick to what I know I am comfortable with. Trying to break out of the comfort zone...

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